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$340 - Step into the life of an airline captain as you choose from one of our authentic sector flights. Fly the B-737 gate-to-gate, complete with the Standard Instrument Departure (SID), Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) and Instrument Landing System (ILS) Approach and landing. Take to the skies along with your flight coach who is going to be your copilot. This is the ultimate package for a pilot or aviid flight simmer!! With this session you'll do a cold and dark start, program the FMS, following all the checklist to a "T" push back from the gate fire up those engines and taxi out to the runway and blast off to your desination of choice with in the reasonable time.



This is the ultimate airline experience. You can do one long flight to a single desination or quick hopes to multiple airports.


For those who have Vatsim experience, we can get you online and flying in a full sim!! Brign your own aviation headset or rent one from us, we got you covered!


When selecting this package, please fill out the notes section during the booking process to let us know what routes you will be wanting to fly. If you're not sure, we have some great recommendations with some fun routes along with some challenging approaches!! If you are wanting to connect to vatsim, please include your Vatsim ID# and have your password for logging in when you arrive.


**Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your session. Late arrivals will reduce your amount of time in the sim by however many minutes your late.**




**This Experience is for the airline experience. This package cannot be used for multiple take-offs and landings at nurmerous airport. Please select a 90 or 60 minute session**

Minimum age 15 years old.


Instructions regarding how to redeem your voucher will be emailed after checkout is complete.



If you have any questions prior to purchasing please don't hesitate to contact us!



1350 Tri State Parkway

Ste 128

Gurnee, Il 60031

120 Minute Flight Session

$340.00 Regular Price
$238.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

Father's Day Sale

  • No. We have flown with first time flyers to flight simulation enthusiasts to current and retired airline pilots. We tailor each experience to fit your needs for your flight. 

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